La petite jumelle specializes in the manufacturing  of top-quality, custom-made packaging products, combining industrial and hand-crafted production of luxury boxes, binders, press kits, gift boxes, sample books, hotel  directories, stands, counter cards, covers for vinyl records and c.ds  and much more.

The company stands out for   creativeness, know-how and the capability to use and combine a wide range of materials  that will eventually produce the optimum result. Papers, cardboards, wood, aluminum, clothes and fabrics, leathers and foams, forex, k-fix, Plexiglas, xanita, x-board and other materials can be combined and offer products not only luxurious but also uniquely genuine. La Petite Jumelle’s production employs a variety of innovative material processes that offer premium results.

Use your imagination, La petite jumelle, will make it happen!