Eco Friendly

For La Petite Jumelle, it is obligatory to employ an environmentally friendly process for the production of our packaging solutions, especially nowadays where the environment is threatened on every day.

La Petite Jumelle team seeks and uses environmentally friendly materials such as wood, cloth, recyclable and recycled paper, craft, xanita-x board and microwelle, as the basis for the construction of the offered packaging products. La Petite Jumelle also uses accredited ingredients of a & b material which are harmless to humans and the environment, like water based heavy-metals free new generation inks without any hazardous substances as well as, where possible, special environmentally friendly adhesives made of natural ingredients.

The company offers for recycling the total of the leftovers from paper and cardboard, aluminum digital plates used in the printing process and all the aluminum and plastic packing it is used. The company also moves for biological destruction all their chemical waste dark room liquids, CTP etc.

For the last few years, La Petite Jumelle is sponsoring the printing of the official WWF magazine in Greece “WWF HELLAS – Zontanos Planitis” (Live Planet)